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Money worries keeping a third awake at night

June 9, 2009

One in three Britons admit they are losing sleep over the recession. As money worries mount up, thousands are finding it harder to nod off at least once a week. Two-thirds are having problems at least once a month, with one in six turning to alcohol to help them sleep, a survey reveals. Others are using the TV to help them drift off, with 44 per cent saying they had recently moved their sets into the bedroom. Half of those questioned said they were regularly using their laptop more in bed to finish off work. And while 31 per cent are reading more in bed, a similar number are playing computer games. So it seems these activities could explain why one in five of those polled are having less sex. ‘Unsurprisingly, money and work worries are cited as the leading antagonist to sleep,’ said Caterina Gerlotto of Harris Interactive, which carried out the survey on people aged 16 to 64. ‘The economic crisis appears to be taking its toll on us when we do eventually make the decision to turn off the lights.’ Source: