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September 29, 2009
The Launch of the Learning Education Zone in Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Shopping Centre:

Yesterday saw the mark of the launch ceremony for the Learning Education Zone – supported by DD-UK and Experian.
The event was a success – with the Mayor of Nottingham, local councillors and charities, and of course Bluebell Hill Primary School present. The Mayor preceded the ceremony with a small, but heartfelt speech on the need to introduce money education – especially to young children. All attendees – including the pupils, were thrilled to be at such an occasion, and were particularly interested in playing the Moneyopoly Game in the store itself! DD-UK hope this will be the first step to creating a better future for next generations

September 25, 2009

Money First Magazine

DD-UK is proud to announce the launch of its Money First magazine – to be publicised in October/November 2009. The magazine will be the first of its kind targeting readers aged 11 to 80.

Money First will give its readers an in-depth coverage of the economical and political implications which finance has upon us. Local and global breaking news, entrepreneurship expertise for our innovative readers, and Kids’ Zone – are some of the fantastic topics to be included in our first issue.

The publication will directly link back to the DD-UK website via its interactive forum – welcoming all suggestions and/or comments regarding the issued magazine. More information to be detailed soon!

September 18, 2009

Chancellor Alistair Darling has begun holding one-to-one meetings with cabinet members to look at possible spending cuts, the BBC has learned.

PM Gordon Brown admitted this week cuts are needed in “unnecessary” spending.
So, what exactly would be classified as ‘unnecessary’ spending, do you think?

Money management course highly popular

September 9, 2009
Record numbers are enrolling on a personal money management course in the wake of the financial crisis. The NCFE Personal Money management course for children and adults has seen enrolment increase by an amazing 32% in the past year and by 50% since its inception in 2007.

David Grailey, Chief Executive at NCFE, said: “It is vital that young people learn the importance of money management and are able to manage their financial affairs before they finish their education and enter the world of work.

“The course has already been incredibly successful – teaching young people key life skills – and the popularity of courses such as this continues to grow.

“Economically it is a challenging time for everyone at the moment and it is critical that we equip young people with the necessary skills to support them through these difficult times.”

David Grailey added: “This is a realistic qualification that is personal to the learners and helps to develop skills in financial literacy that young people can actually use.

“NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Personal Money Management is valuable as a means of teaching a crucial life skill. It also opens up a range of areas for further study and taster for a career within the lucrative financial sector.”

Young need to consider pensions

September 7, 2009

Here at Debt Doctors Foundation UK, we promote the idea that people are never too young to learn about money and that having some financial knowledge is vital. With the country on the brink of a pensions crisis this is more true than ever. Experts advise that we should start paying into a pension fund or at least start making some savings provisions in our early 20s if we want to avoid poverty in old age. State pensions currently offer just £95.25 a week for a single person and £152.30 a week for a couple, so making your own arrangements is highly recommended.

With a survey from Friends Provident revealing that around 50% of people are not saving enough for their old age and 58% describe themselves as ‘clueless’ about pensions, it is clear that something needs to be done. Nearly everybody needs a pension and high life expectancies mean that we are relying on them for a much greater part of our lives than ever before. Therefore it is essential that as children and adults, we receive the education and support which will allow us to understand financial products and use them appropriately.

Many adults today are almost afraid of financial products and as a result will spend their elderly years living in poverty. To avoid this situation, Debt Doctors Foundation UK wants to bring financial education to schools, colleges universities and adults across the country so that we can break down the barriers of financial exclusion.