Families bond over recession

Recent research has revealed that as a result of the recession forcing families to reign in their spending, many are now spending more time together as a family.


With money tighter, parents are 48% less likely to go out for a romantic meal with all the costs of the meal itself, a babysitter for the kids and sometimes a takeaway for them as well. As a result, they are staying in and spending more time with the children.


Even our eating habits when staying at home are changing due to the recession as a quarter of those questioned said that they are cooking one big meal for all the family to eat together in a bid to save money.


One in six said that they believe a fringe benefit of the economic downturn is that they are spending more time with their family. Research commissioned by Birdseye found that  67% of UK adults eat a meal with their families at least three times a week and almost half do so every day. Four out of five parents said that their children eat their evening meal with at least one of their parents.


This is the same proportion as the previous generation, contradicting reports that the humble family meal is dying out.


Jonathan Gershuny, from the Department of Sociology at Oxford University, said: “The findings of this report suggest that while the family meal is adapting and becoming more relaxed, the social significance of eating together remains.”

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