EasyJet Owner drives a Smart Car

The brains behind EasyJet, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, has revealed that in keeping with his brand’s ethos, he drives a modest Smart Car and buys the majority of his clothes on the high street.


“I definitely don’t spend my wealth conspicuously because that would hardly tie in with the ethos of my brand. I had to change my habits when I started easyJet – I watched my wardrobe and what I wore, and I ditched my Porsche because that didn’t look good. I’ve had a Smart Car ever since,” said Stelios in an interview with the Telegraph.


“I don’t need status symbols. I do my best to enjoy as ordinary a day as possible, and I use the Tube,” he adds.


He went on to express his objection to the reckless behaviour of bankers such as Fred Goodwin and emphasised the importance of communicating with your bank manager and reviewing your finances regularly.

One Response to “EasyJet Owner drives a Smart Car”

  1. CAZZA Says:

    Cool guy! I really like his ethos and think he seems really likeable

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